Friday, May 25, 2012

Training Time

So I am about to start using the powder from Blackmores in conjunction with my sister's blog Suger Coat It. The original plan was for me to run the Gold Coast Marathon after completing the Half last year with only minimal training other then Hockey. Turns out we might being having our second child that weekend so plans have changed.

The thing is lately I have been struggling to stay on the hockey field thanks to a minor hamstring strain so I have decided to use the powder to train for hockey and the finals in September. I haven’t done gym training pretty much since I left Tafe where I did cert 4 in fitness. I have a home gym my wife gives me shit about not using. The truth is lately I have been feeling a bit tired and the weather has given me the perfect excuse not to go for a run in the morning but come 5 o’clock it is my Arleigh time…

So here’s the challenge/ “The plan”.

Train Monday & Wednesday mornings at home and hockey training Tuesday night and take the ProPower after each of these training runs. I will give you guys an update in a couple of weeks time. According to Blackmores “ProPower™ is a great tasting, nutritious protein powder ideal for sports people involved in regular exercise and looking to support their training performance and recovery.” 
I hope they're right as I need a boost.

Any suggestions for me? Wish me luck even. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Change Change Change

So did you hear…. Or read…? My post about Anzac Day made the local newspaper

I thought I was writing this sort of thing for about 10 followers and 4 page veiws a day then my sister linked my blog to her facebook and her blog and BAM….I’m in the paper, I’ve got extra followers & I had over 380 page veiws in a few days…..cheers Suger LOL

How quick things can change…

NOW I’m in the process of reviewing some stuff for my sister's blog for Blackmores. I am only new at this whole blogging thing so I’m a little worried about expectations etc. It seems I’ve peaked early and now I’m not sure I can live up to “The Hype”.


Then I read on facebook about CALL TO ARMS
One in two men will be diagnosed with cancer by age 85. 
It could be you. It could be your best mate.

Speaking of change this sort of thing would change anybodies life… I know my wife joked with me the other day about me having to get my prostate checked which I’m a little worried about doing. But I guess when I look at what females go through with the whole child birth thing etc. I better stop complaining.

I’m sure everyone has a million cancer stories and I do too but lets get on board this great fight against cancer particulaly in men. I have seen a lot of fundraising in relation to breast cancer but this is one of the only ones I can think of doing great things to get males to go and get checked out.  

ANYWAY, last weekend the NRL put it in the public areana a bit more then I can but what a great idea and I figure that plenty of you guys won’t like or watch the NRL.  (Note Hockey Queensland are also heavily involved LOL)

So what other great causes do you help, fund or back? Let me know…

Have a great week

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