Friday, April 20, 2012

So I'm Back

After what has been a very hectic almost 2 years since my last post I’m BACK…
I have been inspired to try again by my sister and her super popular blog suger coat it…(and the fact she is getting free sh#t to review LOL) 

Here’s the run down….

Finished our house 

Moved in just in time for Jess to prepare the nursery before…
Arleigh Jade Walker was born on the 21/11/10

2011 was a massive year of study (now a qualified Financial Planner), work, sport, friends & family life really…. THEN BAM it’s 2012 and before you know it Jess is pregnant again, due in July (this time a boy I’m told). What a journey… So I’m back, all the worries of how good a parent I will be, what to buy and what not to buy etc. seems like a distant memory…Then we are about to do it all over again. 
I have been busy painting and getting Arleigh's room ready for her to move into a bed and get the nursery ready (AGAIN) for the new arrival. Now if you ask me we still have ages to do that but don’t dare tell a pregnant lady that…


From now on in I've promised I will post every week for the rest of this year and see how it goes… As you can guess the year ahead is looking massive and is quickly disappearing so I’m hoping I can share the journey and have something to look back on at the end of this year (Unlike 2011).

Who’s with me?

What’s on your TO DO LIST this year…(I’ve even started writing a 100things list inspired by Seb and his journey at 

Till next week…
See ya bye


  1. Love it. Welcome back kid. I do love that first pic of Arleigh girl.

  2. Welcome back! Look forward to getting to know you :)

  3. sounds like a massive year for you and I so love getting a bloke's viewpoint of life!! All the best with baby number two, and love Arleigh's room. Old friend of your wacky sister, lots on for us as always. ciao for now lisa

  4. Congratulations on the pregnancy! And congratulations on posting after a long break. I love Melissa's blog and I look forward to reading yours too. Rachel


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