Monday, May 17, 2010

LAST WEEKEND - (stay tuned for this weekend)

Wow what a weekend....and it wasn’t even a long weekend....

It started at 5:01pm when I headed to the shop to grab a few things for our BBQ.
Then i did a 25min mow of the yard (in prep for our Open Home Tomorrow...YES WE ARE SELLING OUR HOUSE & BUILDING AT THE SAME TIME).
6:00pm picked up one of my mates so he didn’t have to drive (had to go via the bottleshop).
6:30pm sat down with friends for a drink and footy....
half way through i had to cook the BBQ. NOTE I NEED A NEW BBQ
Then by the time you finish eating it seems it time for everyone to go home....

Up Early Saturday (7:00PM IS EARLY FOR ME) to wiper snip and final tidy up before work 8.30am till 1pm.
1:01pm Went via our block where all the building is happening (see pics below...I HOPE) and notice it needs a tidy up out front (maybe another day).
1:30pm home as I’m being picked up for hockey at 2pm and heading to the Burra for hockey.
Trip to and from hockey was fun but loosing wasn’t (we lost 5–2 but we did lose to them 11-1 last year).
8:00pm to sister- in-law’s 21st birthday party....a few drinks...and home to bed....(Way past Jess’ bed time).

Sunday mother’s days I got up late(9am) and we cooked pancakes for breakfast.
10:00am Next is digging a trench to tidy our side yard (didn’t take long but by the time I get into old clothes etc. It wayyyyy to looongggg.
Next thing i realise it’s almost lunch time(11:00am)....time to head to in-laws for lunch/leftovers (YAY I love left over’s).
1:30pm On our way home I see my dad and decide it’s today is my only chance to tidy up our block so organise that for later in the day (and our lift to the coast).
2:00pm home to watch AVATAR (I know I’m a bit slow but movies aren’t a big priority for me as i fall asleep half way through every time.
4:00pm back in the old gear and over to tidy our block....good old Honda wiper snipper comes in handy...
5:15pm to the coast for mother’s day tea with my mum (who isn’t that old but is playing Rep Lawn Bowls on the sunny coast)......
Tea was interesting/annoying as per usual but you wouldn’t have it any other way...
8:30pm an interesting hour long trip home to bed.

The most interesting part is that next weekend we are going to the Goldy and we have a 4 day weekend .....I wonder what that will hold (STAY TUNED LOL).

So how was your weekend??? Busy like mine??? OR Interesting ????(unlike mine...)....
Thanks a million for reading.


  1. So what did you think of Avatar? I still haven't seen it. Sounds like a very busy weekend. Nice that you got to at least sleep in one day.

    This weekend my son has "Fifth's Disease" so that has been fun.

  2. Haha. That is a lot of stuff. I was wondering why I didn't see ya's at all really.

    We really need to get you sorted, photo wise. you should just give me your password and I'll help myself... :oP

  3. Avatar.....Where to start....You can see where they spent / LOST alot of money...very well done...The best of it's type of movie i've are great....but i don't needs to watch it again...

    Stay away from my blog LOL


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