Monday, May 24, 2010

BABY STUFF....What NOT to buy...That is the question.

I have noticed alot of people tell you alot of things to buy when having a baby but you almost never get told what is a waste of your very valueable money.....!!!! So here is what i thought...Why not share here what NOT to buy....

Over the weekend my mum had an open home at a property at the same time as a garage sale and of course she spotted the only baby stuff in the sale and gave me a quick call.....Dean get over here and look at this pram and change table...

So over we go in a hurry to have a look at this pram etc.

The pram is in good used condition and he is only asking A COUPLE OF HUNDRED DOLLARS...!!! I have since found out a new one of the same style is $600. (i know i need a pram but gosh how much do you spend...i know the people in the shop try to make you feel bad by saying stuff like OH YOU WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR BABY DON'T YOU...)

The next chapter in my parenting book I’m reading is talking about what not to buy so it got me thinking.....

What should you buy NEW?

What is okay to buy second hand?

Is it a good idea to “borrow” things from friends??? (what if it gets broken)

We have decided to wait until the next scan (18 week scan) to buy any baby stuff BUT people are already buying us clothes etc. (mainly Jess’ Mum)


  1. Amby Baby Hammock (new or second hand) was brilliant.

    A Tommy tippee Nappy Wrapper was a total waste of $$

    Having had three, I now know that borrowing is best. Share the love.

    BUT, before my first was born, I insisted upon all new. You live and learn.

  2. Thanks Lucy
    That was a quick reply.
    I think i liked the idea in the first place of buying new but after finding out a few prices i'm not so keen....LOL

  3. A bit of both.
    I borrowed stuff for the first that I would have preferred to have new so it was there for the future, but we live and learn. Car seat is the essential new purchase. Have fun spending up for the new little person! It's hard not to get carried away sometimes.

  4. Hey Dean Boy, So of the guiys over at Suger Coat It are helping out with your question too. Pop over and check it out.

    I vote we just go mad. Buy one of each! :oP


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