Thursday, May 6, 2010

About A Boy

I went and visited one of my cousins who has just been blessed with a little baby boy. The thing is he was such a natural at being a dad. It makes you wonder (well it did me anywyay) what happens to us over the years...We change to our environment and whats coming up in life and i have noticed the same with cars.

When your young (as a boy) you want either a fast sports car or a 4wd....then you get older and the fast car cost too much and the 4wd sucks too much fuel....So you buy a smaller economical car to travel to and from work....Then you get a partner etc and start thinking about kids and all of a sudden the cars that take your fancy are safe cars with child restrants or heaven forbid MINI VANS (Honda Odessy for example)

Anyway so back to my cuz, once he was a crazy boy who was always the life of the party and i thought he would never settle down but as soon as he met his now wife....He changed (for the better i promise) then they are together for a while and people start asking about kids and BAM like that, the baby is born.

We go to visit him (a few weeks after the birth) and my cuz is so at ease holding, feeding & even changing nappies..... Seriously if you had asked me a few years ago i would never have seen what i saw this fast and pro he was at changing a nappy.

Now my wife and i are having a baby (due early November) and i wonder...Will i be as pro as him? Will i learn as quick as him? Are some people better at this then others????? and the list goes on. 

So here's my question.....How many books do you read (if any) How much of this stuff are you born with??? and How much will we never no how we did it.....

Feel free to share any experience or advice you have

Thanks a million for reading


  1. You and Bear are so similar it scares me. Of course, you too will be a natural.

    I've linked to you on Suger Coat It, as promised.

  2. Hey Dean,
    Great blog. Congrats on being soon to be parents! Magic times ahead! Found you through your big sis! I can relate (through my partner) exactly what you are feeling. My partner was exactly the same as your cousin. No one ever would have picked him to be the one changing nappies, full of love and admiration for his baby girl and talking about the birth and just how much joy has been brought into his life. He never thought he could love someone so much.
    The only advice I can give you at the moment is that so much of it is 'on the job training'. You just get used to it. Let's face it if you are changing a nappy 8-10 times a day for those first few weeks you will soon get pretty good at it and you just kind of work out what works and what doesnt in other aspects.
    Now to be totally honest, we did no classes, read no books (although I am a member of an excellent parenting forum called bellybelly). The best thing my partner did was chat to other guys that were dads. Speak to your cousin. Ask him all the questions you like. I am sure he will love talking about his new baby and all the things that go along with having one.
    Anyway this must be the longest comment I have ever written. Wonder if it will let me post it! LOL!

  3. Yep! It let me post it! :)

  4. Hi Dean -- congratulations to you and your wife!
    I am also here cos of your old sister (tho I am even older than she is) and yep, 100% agree with Ali.
    The more you do, the easier it gets, when it comes to babies. But be prepared for the rollercoaster ride of your life. It can be really really hard - but also the most amazing and rewarding thing you will ever do, and kids are even better than Lotto, cos the more you put in, the more you get back.
    Looking forward to seeing first photos of the Baby!

  5. Hey Dean - your sister's cool blog directed me to your cool blog.

    Congrats on the upcoming kid. Life will never be the same and you will likely be trading in the car you own now for a different car.

  6. Hi Dean - I found you over at Mel's blog too!

    It's great to read a male perspective on the whole reproducing thing.

    If you're interested, you could win a pregnancy book pack over at!

  7. Hey Dean! I'm from your sister's blog too! I tried reading a few books about 'Becoming A Father' before my first was born.... It didn't get me anywhere.... lol

    They were so wishy washy.... All you need to do is give the child all of your love.... That's it.... You love them, and they love you back.... You'll learn all about diapers and spit up and teething in due time....

    If you want some good books about babies and etc.... There's always the 'What To Expect When You're Expecting' books.... Our kids pediatrician has written a few good books.... Dr. Bob Sears.... He's from a family full of pediatricians.... Here's their website....

  8. Holy Moly my sister is the best...!!!! 7 Comments all thanks to her...

    Thanks also for all the tips, advice and support...Mel is going to show me how to upload pics very soon so stay tuned...

    Thanks again to everyone i will make it over to all your blogs soon i promise...

  9. Hi Dean, found you through your sister also. Aren't sisters awesome?

    My husband and I didn't read any books. As my Hubby and Mum were leaving the hospital after the birth of my daughter, I remember looking at Mum and asking 'What do I do?' I felt so helpless with a baby lying next to me, relying on me. But with great support from her and Hubby I was a pro in no time. I'm sure you and your wife will be too.

  10. Congrats on the new arrival coming! I must say that we have 3 kids, and my husband had nothing to do with little babies previous to our own....he was so scared of holding them when they were born as they were so tiny...he had no idea. BUT it didn't take him long to feel comfortable and find his way...I think it comes naturally, once you have your little baby, you will just KNOW what to do and how to feel. Wow, you have brought back memories of my little brand new babes.....

  11. Thanks so much for the support.. & yes sisters are the best LOL


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