Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ok so i know it's been a while since my first blog and i'm sure most people who start start with a bang and then fade out, here's hoping i'm the other way...the longer i go the more often i'll get a chance to write what i think. Maybe i'll be so big that i get paid good money for this LOL.
Anyway i wanted to say hi to my first follower Mel (my sister) who i'm hoping will help me make this a cool blog and link it to hers at some stage (when i have some cool stuff to see).....But she did point out that i called her my old sister...LOL oops another typo (people prob think i'm drunk in most of most posts but that's just me not being a good speller or taking the time to read my post/blog first...

Anyway back to the point
what i meant was Mel is my Older sister (2 years or just under then me) as i also have a younger sister who is 21 this year so she must be 4 years younger.
God will that be a party LOL

what was the point of my blog today... oh yeah about ebing a while

It's been a while because i was hoping to post every Friday when i help Mel out i'm sure she won't mind... but last week we got really busy and had no time (also mel will have to show me how to ad pics)

So here i am waiting on my local paper to send back my proofs so i thought

What haven't i done in a while????
Other then write a blog and it got me thinking

1. I haven't been to the beach since my birthday
2. I haven't been shopping for clothes, sporting goods etc. for ages
3. I haven't been to the Sunshine Coast to watch a movie since forever
4. I haven't.....and the list goes on.

So what do you have planed for this weekend??? the Easter long weekend????

I'm going to watch Speedway (cars going around a track and running into each other at high speed)

what about you...!!!! YES YOU
let me know maye we can share pictures

Until next time

Thanks a million for reading

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  1. A retraction. Perfect! Put aside some time. I'll show you photos this weekend.


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