Friday, March 19, 2010

In The Begining

Hello All
I thought i'd start a blog after rereading a few of my old sisters blogs.
I'll start with a little about me
I work in Real Estate doing the 8 pages of ads we have in the paper every week so i guess i'm in advertising more then anything
I love sport
I play Cricket, Hockey, Golf & Touch at the moment
I love watching sports like Rugby League, Rugby Union, Golf, F1 almost anything sport thats why i love the sports channel ONEHD as it always has something for me to watch on normal TV
I got married just over 4 months ago to the most beauitful bride EVER
We had dated for about 3 years before getting married
I am pretty new at this blogging thing and hope my sister will help out.

I hope to have cool pics of my life and others, links and great stories and memories

Thanks a million for reading


  1. Awww. I'm as proud as punch. Post your bum off so you don't forget. I can't wait to share your link on my blog. Fill this place with content first though.

  2. Hang on. Dud you call me your OLD sister..?


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