Monday, May 24, 2010


I’m sure you already know what we are soooo excited about from the pictures but it’s crazy.

Our house which only started a few weeks ago has frames and in no time at all will be rendered and the fit out started.... ONLY “problem” is we have to sell where we live now (don’t stress I have the best agent in town onto that bit).

So between Jess and I this will be the 4th house we have built...

Some people (like Jess’ parents) don’t like the idea of building and say they will never build BUT Jess (my wife) was like that before she met ME and after ALOT of talking we started planning her first home.

It’s great that my Mum, Sister and I are in real estate because at least we know what to build, what not to build and even get a great price from the developers on a block.....

Now the block we got for Jess’ first home is magic and we would love to stay in it longer BUT we are a bundle better off selling it and moving into the new house (because of capital gains etc.).


Well the point is we decided that we would do a few different things in this house and as it’s getting closer we are getting more excited...


1. The stone feature and huge timber post out the front

2. The skillion roof design

3. Red feature cupboards in our kitchen

4. A corner spa in our ensuite

And the list could go on....

So since everyone has different ideas WHAT IS A “MUST HAVE” IN YOUR NEW HOME.....???

HAVE YOU GOT A “VISION BOARD” (not sure how many people will know what this is) THAT HAS A PLAN OF YOUR NEW HOME ON IT...???


BABY STUFF....What NOT to buy...That is the question.

I have noticed alot of people tell you alot of things to buy when having a baby but you almost never get told what is a waste of your very valueable money.....!!!! So here is what i thought...Why not share here what NOT to buy....

Over the weekend my mum had an open home at a property at the same time as a garage sale and of course she spotted the only baby stuff in the sale and gave me a quick call.....Dean get over here and look at this pram and change table...

So over we go in a hurry to have a look at this pram etc.

The pram is in good used condition and he is only asking A COUPLE OF HUNDRED DOLLARS...!!! I have since found out a new one of the same style is $600. (i know i need a pram but gosh how much do you spend...i know the people in the shop try to make you feel bad by saying stuff like OH YOU WANT THE BEST FOR YOUR BABY DON'T YOU...)

The next chapter in my parenting book I’m reading is talking about what not to buy so it got me thinking.....

What should you buy NEW?

What is okay to buy second hand?

Is it a good idea to “borrow” things from friends??? (what if it gets broken)

We have decided to wait until the next scan (18 week scan) to buy any baby stuff BUT people are already buying us clothes etc. (mainly Jess’ Mum)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Any Ideas For Next Time

Well what a massive weekend

I took Thursday off so Wednesday afternoon was like a Friday afternoon and me and a mate headed to the driving range to sharpen our golfing skills ready for our weekend expedition to the Goldy. That went well got home in time for a shower and bed time.

Thursday I got up and headed to get my hair done (half way through i had to move my car so i didn’t get a parking ticket and then couldn't find anywhere else to park LOL)

Then grab some stuff and we headed to the Goldy (after a quick stop over at the big BP on the highway for a feed of course)
Thursday afternoon and night was relxing with tea at hogs breath and some putt putt golf to again sharpen our skills.

Friday was an awesome day at Dreamworld on the Gold Coast.

I went on the Giant drop, The tower of terror, the log ride (and got soaked), the Mick Dohan motorbikes & the cyclone roller coaster WHICH FOR ME WAS A HUGE EFFORT (ask my sister). After that we had a few drinks and went out for tea to watch the Broncos (my team) beat the Gold Coast Titans.

Saturday was the day we had all been waiting for...A lazy morning before GOLF at Palm Springs (i think) 14 of the 18 holes have water on them compared to about 4 of 18 at the course i normally get to play.....(For the record i shot an 87 and won by 14 shots over the 2 mates i was playing with)

After golf we paid wayyyy to much for 2 games over ten pin bowling (which i won overall) and headed home to get ready for the Casino....For tea i had a burger but my mate ordered the kilo of ribs and finished with room the spare (so he says). Then we won some money on Black jack, lost plenty on roulette and won again the pokies before home to $3 drinks were great but hurt later that night....

Sunday was overcast just in time for the trip home.....We of course watched the OC & movies on the couch till dark it prep for another dreaded Monday at work.


So what do you do every year?
What do you like doing on long weekends?
Any ideas for next year?

Monday, May 17, 2010

LAST WEEKEND - (stay tuned for this weekend)

Wow what a weekend....and it wasn’t even a long weekend....

It started at 5:01pm when I headed to the shop to grab a few things for our BBQ.
Then i did a 25min mow of the yard (in prep for our Open Home Tomorrow...YES WE ARE SELLING OUR HOUSE & BUILDING AT THE SAME TIME).
6:00pm picked up one of my mates so he didn’t have to drive (had to go via the bottleshop).
6:30pm sat down with friends for a drink and footy....
half way through i had to cook the BBQ. NOTE I NEED A NEW BBQ
Then by the time you finish eating it seems it time for everyone to go home....

Up Early Saturday (7:00PM IS EARLY FOR ME) to wiper snip and final tidy up before work 8.30am till 1pm.
1:01pm Went via our block where all the building is happening (see pics below...I HOPE) and notice it needs a tidy up out front (maybe another day).
1:30pm home as I’m being picked up for hockey at 2pm and heading to the Burra for hockey.
Trip to and from hockey was fun but loosing wasn’t (we lost 5–2 but we did lose to them 11-1 last year).
8:00pm to sister- in-law’s 21st birthday party....a few drinks...and home to bed....(Way past Jess’ bed time).

Sunday mother’s days I got up late(9am) and we cooked pancakes for breakfast.
10:00am Next is digging a trench to tidy our side yard (didn’t take long but by the time I get into old clothes etc. It wayyyyy to looongggg.
Next thing i realise it’s almost lunch time(11:00am)....time to head to in-laws for lunch/leftovers (YAY I love left over’s).
1:30pm On our way home I see my dad and decide it’s today is my only chance to tidy up our block so organise that for later in the day (and our lift to the coast).
2:00pm home to watch AVATAR (I know I’m a bit slow but movies aren’t a big priority for me as i fall asleep half way through every time.
4:00pm back in the old gear and over to tidy our block....good old Honda wiper snipper comes in handy...
5:15pm to the coast for mother’s day tea with my mum (who isn’t that old but is playing Rep Lawn Bowls on the sunny coast)......
Tea was interesting/annoying as per usual but you wouldn’t have it any other way...
8:30pm an interesting hour long trip home to bed.

The most interesting part is that next weekend we are going to the Goldy and we have a 4 day weekend .....I wonder what that will hold (STAY TUNED LOL).

So how was your weekend??? Busy like mine??? OR Interesting ????(unlike mine...)....
Thanks a million for reading.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

About A Boy

I went and visited one of my cousins who has just been blessed with a little baby boy. The thing is he was such a natural at being a dad. It makes you wonder (well it did me anywyay) what happens to us over the years...We change to our environment and whats coming up in life and i have noticed the same with cars.

When your young (as a boy) you want either a fast sports car or a 4wd....then you get older and the fast car cost too much and the 4wd sucks too much fuel....So you buy a smaller economical car to travel to and from work....Then you get a partner etc and start thinking about kids and all of a sudden the cars that take your fancy are safe cars with child restrants or heaven forbid MINI VANS (Honda Odessy for example)

Anyway so back to my cuz, once he was a crazy boy who was always the life of the party and i thought he would never settle down but as soon as he met his now wife....He changed (for the better i promise) then they are together for a while and people start asking about kids and BAM like that, the baby is born.

We go to visit him (a few weeks after the birth) and my cuz is so at ease holding, feeding & even changing nappies..... Seriously if you had asked me a few years ago i would never have seen what i saw this fast and pro he was at changing a nappy.

Now my wife and i are having a baby (due early November) and i wonder...Will i be as pro as him? Will i learn as quick as him? Are some people better at this then others????? and the list goes on. 

So here's my question.....How many books do you read (if any) How much of this stuff are you born with??? and How much will we never no how we did it.....

Feel free to share any experience or advice you have

Thanks a million for reading

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ok so i know it's been a while since my first blog and i'm sure most people who start start with a bang and then fade out, here's hoping i'm the other way...the longer i go the more often i'll get a chance to write what i think. Maybe i'll be so big that i get paid good money for this LOL.
Anyway i wanted to say hi to my first follower Mel (my sister) who i'm hoping will help me make this a cool blog and link it to hers at some stage (when i have some cool stuff to see).....But she did point out that i called her my old sister...LOL oops another typo (people prob think i'm drunk in most of most posts but that's just me not being a good speller or taking the time to read my post/blog first...

Anyway back to the point
what i meant was Mel is my Older sister (2 years or just under then me) as i also have a younger sister who is 21 this year so she must be 4 years younger.
God will that be a party LOL

what was the point of my blog today... oh yeah about ebing a while

It's been a while because i was hoping to post every Friday when i help Mel out i'm sure she won't mind... but last week we got really busy and had no time (also mel will have to show me how to ad pics)

So here i am waiting on my local paper to send back my proofs so i thought

What haven't i done in a while????
Other then write a blog and it got me thinking

1. I haven't been to the beach since my birthday
2. I haven't been shopping for clothes, sporting goods etc. for ages
3. I haven't been to the Sunshine Coast to watch a movie since forever
4. I haven't.....and the list goes on.

So what do you have planed for this weekend??? the Easter long weekend????

I'm going to watch Speedway (cars going around a track and running into each other at high speed)

what about you...!!!! YES YOU
let me know maye we can share pictures

Until next time

Thanks a million for reading

Friday, March 19, 2010

In The Begining

Hello All
I thought i'd start a blog after rereading a few of my old sisters blogs.
I'll start with a little about me
I work in Real Estate doing the 8 pages of ads we have in the paper every week so i guess i'm in advertising more then anything
I love sport
I play Cricket, Hockey, Golf & Touch at the moment
I love watching sports like Rugby League, Rugby Union, Golf, F1 almost anything sport thats why i love the sports channel ONEHD as it always has something for me to watch on normal TV
I got married just over 4 months ago to the most beauitful bride EVER
We had dated for about 3 years before getting married
I am pretty new at this blogging thing and hope my sister will help out.

I hope to have cool pics of my life and others, links and great stories and memories

Thanks a million for reading
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